Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mommy's Moody

So, I am in a mood today - not a bad mood, not a good mood; just a mood. This past week I have been waking up early to read the Bible for about a half an hour. Well, with my husband leaving for DR in the middle of the night and with the crazy busy week I had I was exhausted and in my prayers kind of told God that I was going to "skip" this morning. Well, as a result, Bean slept until 7:45 (Praise the Lord because he never sleeps that late anymore). So, I was able to get some needed sleep, but my mood has defintely suffered from it. I did not get to wake up with Christ pleasing mood that I had so loved this past week. Not to mention that I haven't wanted to read anything today at all - not my Bible or my books! I have no desire today - I feel very lazy.
So, not that I want to ramble on about this, but I continue to be convicted of this and I know that this is an area in which changes are needed. So, please pray that I have the desire even on my most tired mornings.

Bean does like to keep my spirits up, however. I took this last night. He is just too precious. The clip is a couple of minutes long, but he is playing with his cars and then he begins to count them. He is only two and he is counting...I love it!


God's Child said...

By the way - at the end Bean was telling me that he had to pee. We did make it to the bathroom in time! He got his M & Ms!

Anonymous said...

Less than 3 Days left!


Anonymous said...

That video was absolutely precious! I miss you guys so much! Let's get together soon!

Oh and I love reading your blog... it's great to hear how God is working in all your lives! :)