Thursday, October 29, 2009

In the Mundane life, where is God?

How often do we live our lives caught up in the ordinary routines of life? I know there are days that I am so busy, but then at the end of the day when Bean is in bed and I am sitting on the couch, I can easily ask myself, "what did I do today?" Or "what did I do that was meaningful to others?" Or the most important, "How did I glorify God today?" I am sometimes very ashamed of my own answers. It can be so easy to place God on your check list of things to do for the day. I know that I struggle with incorporating God in the daily routines of my life. It is easy to remember God when you are doing a devotion or when you read the Bible to your children before nap or bedtime and you pray, or even before you eat. But, I am talking about including God in the EVERYDAY life. Like vacuuming or preparing lunch or playing on the floor with matchbox cars...those are moments when I could incorporate God either for myself or discussing Him with Bean during those quiet playful moments. I truly find it hard to remember remembering God during those moments.

During this second chapter of Crazy Love Francis Chan opened my eyes to the fact that I could be the next person in my family to die. Wow! I mean, you know you are going to die one day. One out of every one person does! But, to actually think "I could die today" can really make a difference on how you view what you do with your time. Chan says, "You could be the next person in your family to die. We have to realize it. We have to believe it enough that it changes how we live. We need to stop living selfish lives, forgetful of our God." Pg. 50-51. I am realizing that I need to regroup how I spend my days off. This actually was my prayer request last night during small group. To find the balance between housework and schooling Bean on my days off. I need to have a better schedule and I need to include on that schedule ways to incorporate God in my (and Bean's and Rock's) daily routine...I need to include it so greatly that it becomes so natural for me. Out of everything in life shouldn't God be the center and most important? I mean 'He is everything'! He created everything and can take everything from us at any moment.

All praise and glory go to Him!


Erin said...

Hi! I am a new follower to your blog after I found it on the Bloom website. Don't you just love Louie Giglio? He blows my mind every time I see one of his videos. Hve you seen How Great Is Our God? It is the follow up to Indescribable and wow...just wow. Our God is so much bigger and so much more powerful than we could even begin to understand. And yet, in all of His greatness, he still loves you and me. I look forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know you on Bloom!
Erin Brady

God's Child said...

Hi Erin,
Thanks for reading my blog! I do love Louie Giglio. My husband and I belong to two small groups and both groups just love him.
We actually just watched 'How Great is Our God' this past Wednesday. I am sure I will be blogging about that with my Crazy Love book as well! Very powerful! His message has our whole group thinking!
I look forward to getting to know you as well!