Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Who Knew Corn Could Be Scary?

So, last night I gave Bean some peas and corn to eat for part of his dinner. As he was eating I was doing the dishes. He loves to eat peas and corn frozen! Kind of weird, I know. But, nonetheless, he eats his vegetables pretty well. Well, last night he wasn’t very hungry and he was just playing with his food. I looked over at him and he was rubbing his nose and was fussing over it. I walked over to him and noticed that he had a huge booger coming out of his nose. I grabbed a Kleenex and went to wipe his nose only to realize that it was corn! I grabbed it and pulled it out. He was breathing normal, so I thought he was fine. A couple minutes later, Rock was holding him and Bean says, “here mommy” and he hands me a piece of corn. That is now two pieces of corn that was in his nose. So, I lied him down on the couch and sure enough he had a third piece stuck up there! It was really lodged up there and I could not get it out. Fortunately we have great doctors and they took me first thing this morning – the Dr. even came in early for me. They got the corn out quickly with no problem. Bean was so scared. But, at least he is safe! Oh, Bean is so joyful! I do love him!


myblessedhome said...

Oh my! Poor little Bean. I'll bet he was scared.

Be glad you caught it right away. When Gameboy was about that age, he put a piece of corn up his nose. It took several days before I even noticed it! I was pregnant at the time and very sensitive to smells. Every time I hugged or kissed him, I noticed a smell that made me nauseous. Iron Man couldn't smell a thing, but I was overly sensitive at the time. Finally, on a whim, I had Gameboy blow hard into a kleenex a few times. Sure enough, an old piece of corn came out... it was pretty nasty by that time.

So see? Bean isn't the only little boy that does stuff like this! :-)

God's Child said...

Oh my, I bet it was pretty nasty.Thank God for your sensitivity to smell or who knows how long it would have been in there! Bean's was in for one full night and it was already gross! Boys are so much fun! They are always keeping us on our toes!