Monday, November 24, 2008


Have you ever had an A-ha moment?
I was driving home from work one day about two months ago with my son sitting in the back seat talking in his little gibberish way and I was just smiling at how cute he was. I then started to think…again…how unfair it was that I wasn’t able to be home with him and how I was missing out on so much. He is growing up so fast and I am missing a huge part of his life. There are many times I have felt sorry for myself because of this. This was one of those times.
As I looked up into the sky while driving I saw a white, puffy cloud with the sun peeping from behind -around the entire cloud. It really was a beautiful scene in the sky. Since I was driving on a highway I was able to view this scene for about ten minutes. My mind then started to think…the sun is so beautiful peeping out from behind that cloud. How much more beautiful is the sun when there is nothing to block it? It is gorgeous and inviting! My mind then started to move toward Christ. Is this not just like our Heavenly Father? God is so beautiful and perfect, yet how often do we let life bog us down and get in the way of God’s light? So often God wants to shine through us and we don’t let him. We place a big cloud right smack dab in the center!
I had a huge ugly cloud that was consuming my thoughts. On a daily basis I would pray and ask God why I couldn’t be home? Why are so many other women able to be home with their children, but not I? After all, aren’t women called to be workers at home? I truly felt that this was so unfair! I want to live that life! Why can’t I? This was my big ugly cloud.
So, I continued thinking that if removed my ugly cloud…just how beautiful would God’s light be that would shine through me to other people? Isn’t that why I am here…to be a disciple of God? To tell others the Good News? I have since then changed my attitude towards my desires. I now share my desires with God, but I also (humbly) tell him that His will is greater than my desires and that I want to be a part of His story. So, Lord, please create my life story: my marriage story, my motherhood story, my homeschooling story, my work story and I will submit to you whatever you ask of me. Whether I want to or not…God is in control and has a greater plan for me whether I know it or not. God is bigger than my life. I need to remember that – always!
So, I want to ask you, how much more beautiful would life be if we all removed our cloud that blocks His light and simply allow God to shine through our lives? Our lives would be what Christ desires for his children – a life living to solely glorify Him! What is your cloud? Can you remove it? Let’s pray….it is the BEST thing we all can do!

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myblessedhome said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I love the mental picture you created here. I know that this will be an inspiration to others. God bless you.